Wearable Art

Wearable Art is very special jewellery- it can be framed, as Art, or worn as Art. These pieces represent a moment in the life of the Artist, captured and made into a piece that can be framed, hung on the wall or worn on the body. Materials used are typically precious materials but also very rare materials such as meteorite and fossil materials. One example of such a piece is the 925 sterling silver, 750 yellowgold, diamond and fine stainless steel cable piece the “Big Hole” a depiction of the Kimberly diamond fields which is a necklace strung on fine stainless steel cables. Another is “Bungee Jumping Christ” is a comment on freedom of the spirit. (See photos) All pieces are signed and certificates of value are issued with the purchase. For these pieces, prices are given only on application. Go to contact us link to enquire.

Stickpin Bungie
Image 4