About Dieter Setz

Dieter Setz was born in Austria in 1952 and was the youngest Master Gold, Silver and platinumsmith ever to be awarded this rank by the guild. He has been working in this field for over 35 years and is one of the top Masters in Africa. He has worked with Olayosh to prepare crown jewels and since his move from Austria to South Africa in 1975, has worked throughout the industry. He has won many international and local design and craftsmanship awards for design and workmanship in Diamond, Platinum and Gold jewellery. He continues to this day to serve loyal clients from all over the world from his studio tucked away in the escapement of the Drakensberg Mountains in the deep grasslands of KwaZulu Natal. Client names are not divulged but many are household names.
Dieter has developed standards for jewellery manufacturing for South Africa, and is the author of many short papers on specific and sometimes unique, jewellery techniques (refer paper page for list of papers- papers can be downloaded for a small fee in PDF format). He is particularly skilled in the Platinum Group Metals as well as in all variants of gold, and has a remarkable collection of precious stones available for sale.

Qualifications and Experience

• Masters (Guild of Austria) in Platinum, Gold and Silver Smithing, design, and Diamond Mounting, Gemology, and tutoring.

• Senior Lecturer and Program Leader (Acting Head) {Jewellery Design and Manufacture} Technikon Witwatersrand 1996-1999

• Visiting Lecturer: Deutsche Schule JHB

• Development of national jewellery industry development strategy for Anglo Gold Ashanti- Ghana

• Development and presentations nationally of 2-Day Seminar on advanced Technology {Precious Metal Clay Platinum Gold and Silver} for all Winners of Riches of Africa Competition

• Development and presentations nationally of 2-Day Design Workshop for De Beers

• Ongoing development and presentations nationally for various clients

• Development of production and training strategy for PJTSA

• Technical Director SPI ( Seda Platinum Incubator)

• Accredited Assessor and Moderator for the Jewellery industry

In 1996 the South African Jewellery Industry asked Dieter to revise the entire South African Training curriculum for Jewellery Manufacture in South Africa and to change the focus of industry training. Dieter wrote a new training program and syllabus, incorporating new modules, one of which was in Platinum. These were accepted by all Technikons in South Africa and by the Industry, and implemented in 1998.

During this 3-Year period at the technikon, Dieter’s students won 16 Awards out of 18 in an American Swiss Jewellery Design and Manufacture competition. In this particular year, Dieter’s students were 16 finalists out of 18 and won 4 Shining Lights Awards sponsored by De Beers. Dieters students represented a further 4 Finalists in the Jewelex Competition sponsored by the Jewellery Council of SA.

In 1996 Dieter was the driving force behind a sponsorship drive for 1 Kg of fine gold and Diamonds which was given to all 4 Technikons at the end of this year by Rand Refinery and De Beers. This made the training courses at Technikons in SA unique, as there is no other training facility anywhere in the world where students are taught to work in precious metals from the 1st year on.

In 1999/2000, Dieter developed a gold jewellery hive and incubator concept and implementation plan at the request of the Government of the Island of St Helena. Then, in 2001-2002, Dieter was asked by the National Business Initiative and the Department of Economic Development and Tourism North West Province, to help in the setting up a Production and Training facility for the production and export of high quality Platinum Jewellery. As the leader of the Training and Production team, Dieter developed a training program specifically for Platinum and Palladium, and a roll out plan for the first 5 Years. From 2004 to date, Dieter has been working on (inter alia) the implementation of this World Class platinum training, development and manufacturing centre for the Platinum Trust

In 2005, Dieter was asked by a consortium of the worlds largest gold mines to undertake a site visit to Ghana to assess the potential for the Ghanaian Gold Jewellery Industry, and to assess the need for training for traditional jewelers in Ghana.

Membership of Public and Professional Bodies

• Life Membership of the Guild of Master Jewellers Austria

• Member of the Jewellery Council of South Africa

• Member of the SA Jewellery Manufacturers Association

• Member of Design Institute of South Africa

• Member of the NPMTB

Dieter’s Awards (see photos in Gallery)

• In 1981:Diamonds Today Competition sponsored by De Beers:

1st placein “Solitaire” Category

1st place in “Simple is Beautiful” Category

Highly commended in "Jewellery for Men" Category

• In 1987:Shining Lights Competition sponsored by De Beers

1st placein “Diamonds for Men” Category

2nd place in “Diamonds for Women” Category

• In 1997:Shining Lights Competition, sponsored by De Beers

3 Sponsorship Medals (all Diamonds set in Platinum)

• In 2000:Riches of Africa: Winner in Professional Designer category